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CRLC is the world’s next digital currency based on Crypto Network. Everybody will send low value, personal, secure, borderless payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere through it.











What is CRLC Coin?

CRLC is the world’s next digital currency based on Crypto Network. Everybody will send low value, personal, secure, borderless payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere through it.

“CRLC will be a powerful, political and economical tool, that anyone anyplace will use
without any permission from prime minister to interact with anyone else within the world and
partake during a genuinely international economy. That is why we have a tendency on creating Caracal”

  • Informatics Whitelisting
  • Case address whitelisting
  • Opposing DDoS attack security solutions
  • 2FA & 3FA security support
  • Multi case signature case structure
  • Hardware case integrations


Think about the present spiking growth of crypto currency and also the variety of latest users it attracts. Primarily, users with very little or no background expertise in mercantilism or investment build a decent majority of that variety. These new users get weak with the data on mercantilism, analysis and even however to use the fundamental tools that are designed to assist them. This can be a right away results of the shortage of data and outdated tutorial and inadequate help from the exchanges themselves. Many of the present exchanges offered within the market these days aren’t user friendly, they don’t give adequate steerage for initial time crypto investors including very little or no client support. Caracal on the opposite hand, uses a system that may be created easy for latest users in order that they’ll understand the way to build profitable trades in crypto markets by removing ancient exchange noise and victimisation plain English tools,  giving simple to scan and really powerful tools like AI’s and bots to provide guidance, elaborated portfolio information, trade signals, community engagement and relevant news. BitIQ app, a crypto trading bot that works with complex algorithms in the background and scores with automated trading, is another example of automated trading tools. With all of these tools, our new users can expertise a drum sander entry into the globe of mercantilism and investment crypto. The Caracal platform can supply higher ways, risk management tools and extremely competitive trade and withdrawal fees. In summary, we have a tendency to believe that once the tide rises, all the boats confused equally rise.By serving to our users to become additional aware and by serving to them build higher profit, we have a tendency to believe that it should increase our user volume organically through the testimonies, therefore, aiding the method of mass adoption.


The ultimate goal of CRLC is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of services from market to finance.

The current problems within the crypto and blockchain quality exchange house ranges from lack of corroborative trading tools and inadequate communicative tools specifically for 1st time investors, to costly downtime. Up until date, the problem of quality development and correct community updates isn’t still adequate to meet the requirements of users. Some exchangers operate unethical that is that the obstacle of many crypto mercantilism platforms and that we feel this provides the whole crypto mercantilism world a tainted image. One of the Caracal platform goals is to line a better customary, to offer its users a way that it’s not one of such “wild west” platforms. The exchange trade has seen a significant explosion in growth and lots of exchange platforms have currently prioritized creating profits over quality service and this need’s to vary. Most mercantilism platforms nowadays go along with an interface that’s extraordinarily troublesome for brand new comers to
understand. The foremost vital strategies to productive mercantilism are inside these tools however while not proper coaching or correct recommendation from consultants, newcomers can notice them chaffy or perhaps dangerous to use. Expertise and steerage on strict profit and risk management ways are major tools in making or breaking a productive capitalist in digital assets and that they additionally facilitate in taking care of extra panicking or they stop traders from creating the incorrect selections. Caracal can place the community 1st and vows to deliver prompt and reliable client care service for all of its users WHO can want steerage or recommendation on an meant call.
We have a tendency to set up on building the most effective within the world client expertise and as clear as potential that are at the fore front of the vision for our platform. Caracal trade engine can operate on leading edge technology that may be updated often to create sure it isn’t prone to technical problems as a results of the overwhelming variety of trades, cyber attacks or to any extent further complications common with mercantilism platforms.

Token Structure

Ticker: Carcal Coin
Type: ERC20
Symbol: CRLC
Decimal: 18
Smart Contract: 0x1887dcf8c46a4516e44fd9657c753d728baaea41
Total Supply: 7,698,069,379 CRLC

The Benefits of CRLC tokens holders

Distribution of Tokens

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns. Cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology are gaining popularity in the financial world. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which was followed by a slew of others, with Ripple coin coming in seventh. Ripple can be traded on any legitimate platform with a minimal transaction fee, making it easy to buy and sell Ripple currency. If you are wondering where to buy ripple, this is the right place to guide you.

  • Airdrop & Bounty - 50,000,000 CRLC

  • Marketing - 200,000,000 CRLC

  • Private Sale - 10,000,000 CRLC

  • ICO - 383,333,333 CRLC

  • IEO - 968,095,238 CRLC

  • Team & Advisor - 340,000,000 CRLC

  • Founder - 360,000,000 CRLC

  • Reserved - 5,286,640,808 CRLC

    Almost 70% CRLC is reserved due to future implementation of demand in Exchanger and peoples

Private Sale

Volume: 10,000,000 CRLC

Price: Negotiable (Minimum Buy $50 equal of CRLC)

Offer: Get 20% bonus after a purchase of $200 USD & 5% bonus under purchase of $200 USD

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH

Start Date:  15 June 2020

End Date: 15 July 2020

Contact: [email protected]

ICO Sale

Volume: 383,333,333 CRLC

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH

Dates:  22 July -  22 August 2020

Round 1 (22/07 - 31/07):

Round 2 (05/08 - 12/08):

Round 3 (13/08 - 22/08):

IEO Sale

Volume: 968,095,238 CRLC

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH

Dates: 23 August - 21 October 2020

Round 1 (23/08 - 11/09): $0.025/CRLC

Round 2 (12/09 - 01/10):    $0.03/CRLC

Round 3 (02/10 - 21/10): $0.035/CRLC

How it all started

January - February 2020
Idea Created and Team Building, Development of the concept and business plan, Discussion About Project and product.
March - May 2020
Research on blockchain and Crypto Market, Development, Whitepaper creation.
June - July 2020
Community/Social Media Create, Airdrop Program Start, Private Sale and ICO Start.
August - October 2020
IEO start, Listing on Exchange
November - December 2020
Product Development, Platform Upgrade, Big Exchange Listing
January - February 2021
Build Own Exchange, Launch Beta Exchange.
March - April 2021
Launch Exchange, Roadmap Update
Upcoming 2021


1. How much is the expected token price in the future?

We expect that CRLC will reach 500 million usd of total market cap within six months after listing in Exchanges and within 2 year our target is to reach the total market cap about 1.5 billion usd.

We are expecting the price of CRLC will be raised to 1$ per token in future and it will become an stable tradable coin and for making this possible our intelligent team will do their best.

2. How can contact with the support team?

There has two way to contact the Caracal support team. You can contact through mailing to direct support email or can directly ask question on Live Chat.

Our support team is 24/7 ours available to help you

Email:[email protected]

Live Chat: Our team is always active to help with your questions.

3. What are Reserved/Locked tokens?

Caracal team reserved almost 70% tokens from the total supply to ensure the value and demand of the CRLC tokens in the future.

CRLC will be used as fee to list cryptos in Caracal’s own Exchange platform. Also Caracal will be a global currency to use among people and products.

Our motivated team

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